ANDARINE (S4) NovoSarm




Usage: SARMS

Andarine, commonly known as S4 in the market, comes under umbrella of wide group of drugs called SARM (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator), but S4 is considered to be more potent and beneficial as compared to other similar SARMs like LGD-4033. It was first manufactured by GTX labs during its research aiming for treatments of senile- onset muscle wasting diseases like muscular dystrophy, osteoporosis and benign enlargement of prostrate.

It has shown promising results during animal trials and currently, numerous medical research teams are conducting various human trials to elicit more beneficial effects on skeletal muscle mass, strength and bone density. Even though S4 is yet to be prescribed by practitioners, it is widely included in body fitness regime of aspiring athletics. Moreover, the selectivity of the drug eliminates numerous side effects that traditional steroids bring.


Similar to other SARMs, Andarine has greater affinity to androgen receptors, the common site of action of male sex hormone- testosterone. While traditional synthetic steroids bind to androgen receptors indiscriminately, SARMs are very specific in its mode of action, affecting only the ones present in skeletal muscles and bones. Undoubtedly, this selectivity gives Andarine an edge over steroids. Some of the remarkable benefits of Andarine include increase in lean muscle mass, lipolysis and boosting of stamina and strength.


Since a large number of researches are going around regarding S4, varieties of benefits have been reported world-wide. Some of these are listed below.

Bioavailability of Andarine is very high as opposed to other SARMs. This means Andarine is very potent and a smaller dose is enough to exhibit significant benefits. Moreover, according to research journals, Andarine doesn’t undergo aromatization (the process of conversion of testosterone to estrogen). This eliminates the risk of estrogenic side effects like water retention, hair loss, gynecomastia.

S4 increases the release of testosterone, and by doing so it helps to increase the energy level, improving stamina and strength.

Improvement in metabolic activity enhances the increase in muscles and weight loss.

S4 is very popular among athletics for ‘cutting’ and ‘bulking’ purpose. Even with less consumption of calories, users have shown to increase strength and muscle mass. Within short span of time, you can increase your training hours in the gym without feeling fatigue. Andarine promotes fat oxidation and reduces lipoprotein lipase activity. This decreases fat accumulation and hence helps maintain their weight but converting the stored fats into new muscle tissues. These are the characteristics desired by fitness freaks, athletics and bodybuilders. Some might want to stack S4 with other SARMs for synergic action.

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