STENABOLIC (SR 9009) NovoSarm




Usage: SARMS

Stenabolic SR9009 is a type of molecule that attaches itself to another molecule (ligand) which is a Rev-Erba when talking of Stenabolic SR9009. Like other such chemicals or supplements, the Stenabolic SR9009 boosts endurance in the person who consumes it and helps burn fat. The chemical structure of the Stenabolic is such that as it aids in increasing energy by burning fat that results in a higher metabolic rate and helps repair ailments faster

Rev-ERbA is a natural molecular structure found in our bodies. It functions as something that controls metabolism, stores fat cells, and discards dying cells. The lack of this molecular structure leads to lower metabolism, more fat storage and a decrease in the cycling out of dying cells. What SR9009 does is, it sticks onto the Rev-ErbA and changes the gene expression. Therefore the old cells get cycled out faster and get replaced with new and better ones with an increased amount of performance. This makes it a very powerful performance-enhancing drug.

The SR9009 basically adds more to the Rev-Erba molecule. It firstly binds the molecule and stimulates the macrophages. This means it takes control over the body’s metabolism and aids in faster removal of dying cells and fat from the body.

Once the amount of new cells increases in the body’s muscles, the body starts experiencing a heightened level of strength and endurance. The mitochondria, in this case, become responsible for the production of energy in the body’s muscles and as the macrophages increase, the dead cells get eliminated for new ones to take over.

Moreover, the metabolic rate of the body increases and the fat burning process works faster. This process doesn’t stop even when you’re resting, it actually increases by 5% while the body is at rest. This way the SR9009 really helps shed the extra calories without turning them into fat in the body.

Research says that activating the Rev-Erba protein by SR9009 works so well that it makes the body believe that it is going through the regular exercise. Added to that, the Stenabolic decreases stored fat in the body and increases muscle by stripping them off of excess fat and glucose.

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