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Testover C 200mg/ml 10ml (Testosterone cypionate)

Product Descriptions and Overview

Testover C also known as Testosterone Cypionate is a suitable injectable steroids for enhancing both athletic performance and muscular buildup. Known for its popularity among powerlifters and bodybuilders, Testover C is one of the known steroids that has the highest androgenic, anabolic and prolonged action or activity in the body. This potent steroid is manufactured by our company Vermodje New Line, a Moldova based, reliable manufacturer and supplier of legal steroids.


For a drug that has a high aromatization level, it is expected to have a high-water retention effect in the body. Testover C aromatizes easily, making it one in the list. While the active substance of Testover C is called Testosterone ester-cypionate, this drug is also known to have a detection time of that spans 16 weeks (approx. 4 months) and an active life of about 16 days.

Uses in bodybuilding

Coupled with the fact that some medical practitioners often refer patients to this drug for boosting male sex hormones that is related to libido, coarsened voice, sexual behavior and muscle hypertrophy, it is also recommended for high power sports. Athletes, powerlifters and bodybuilders can use it to gain muscle mass, boost endurance and strength.


Usually, a cycle of testosterone cypionate should consist 500 mg weekly over a span of 10 weeks. With injections administered once in a week, it goes a long way in stabilizing the blood levels because excess may result in increased blood pressure. However, dosage of this drug should not exceed 250 mg – 1000 mg weekly.

Side Effects

Like any other long acting ester, Testosterone Cypionate may cause high water retention, the downside of which can be managed by consuming adequate water and proper levels of carbohydrates. In bodybuilders, side effects like swollen prostate, hair loss, fat accumulation, beast growth in men, shrinkage of testicles may be noticeable. So, you are advised to consult a physician for medical advice.


Please consult a doctor or medical practitioner before you start using Testover C – Testosterone Cypionate. When you seek medical advice from your doctor, you may need to notify them about your list of allergies, medications, pre-existing conditions, current health conditions as well as other supplements.

Store at a room temperature and keep away from heat. Keep out of reach of small children.

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